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Reserves through to 2nd Round...

By pzafc, Sep 30 2017 09:55PM

Cornwall Junior Cup 1st Round Result...

Holmans Sports Club Reserves 1, Penzance Reserves 2

Luke Carroll with both Penzance goals.

Match Report

Courtesy of Paul Smith (aka Cornishteddyboy)

Of course being game day, and a cup match to boot the weather played it's normal trick and started blowing a hoowie and dumping a cold drizzle about an hour before kick-off making it an unpleasant afternoon. Your correspondent thought he was being clever sitting on the benches by the clubhouse until the home side put the flags out on the bottom pitch. Forget it, after catching colds many a time watching my side I decided to stay dry, watch from the clubhouse, and become a member of the Penzance WAGs, following the game from 100yds away.

The game kicks off with Penzance having the honour of defending the train-line end giving them the advantage of the wind and driving drizzle.

The game starts fairly evenly with both sides getting a share of the ball but after 15mins The Magpies start pushing Holmans back into and around their box. The Holmans keeper leaps and tips the ball over. Long range efforts from both sides go no-where. A Holmans free-kick slips through the Penzance back line, the striker runs on, one on one, Penzance keeper Simon Mortimer only comes out to his 6yd line. Player shoots, keeper down and blocks with his legs at the expense of a corner.

Penzance mid-fielder gets the ball in own half, runs with it, jinxes past three or four tackles only to fire wide in the heat of the moment. A long Penzance ball is knocked through the right channel, curling shot around the outside of the keeper but defender is back to clear off his line.

Most of the game still in the Holmans half. Then in the final minute a lobbed ball from midfield finds a Holmans striker, who lobs Mortimer from 20yds. On a normal day the ball would have gone over the top but with the wind it dipped down and in.


Both sides make a dash for the changing rooms to get some respite from the drizzle. Holmans out early, keen to get on but have to stand around as Penzance wait for the ref's whistle before emerging. In fact the ref plays the rest of the game wearing a waterproof jacket. Sensible.

The second half sees the advantage of the elements helps Holmans to camp for long periods in the Penzance half, and The Magpies have to defend well and deep to prevent going further behind. Lots a free-kicks, mostly against the visitors frustrate the players. Again both sides shoot wide.

As the game progresses, even from 100yds away, you see Holmans growing in confidence as the pass the ball around which they didn't do in the first half.

With 10 minutes remaining Penzance win a throw out left, level with the penalty area. Luke Carroll gets the ball, turns and curls a volley on the ground, round the keeper and into the net. Cue celebrations.

With a few moments left, Mortimer saves the day as he again blocks with his legs after Holmans split the defence.


Holmans kick-off extra-time facing the tracks. Both sides change their tactics from short on the ground to long and in the air, and both sets of defences cope fairly easily. Neither side has a shot or attempt worth noting.

The sides change end, the ref only playing 11 minutes for the first period.

Penzance again press their opponents back, but again free-kicks break up play for both sides. With it starting to look like penalties, Penzance strike. The are awarded a free-kick 25yds out, just left of centre. Luke Carroll takes it, over the wall, over the keeper, scraping the underside of the bar. 2-1, 5 minutes to go. WAGs go crazy.

Holmans push, Penzance into the corners to waste time. Whistle blows, game over. After Penzance boss the first half, Holmans the second a 1-1 draw at 90 minutes was a fair scoreline. Justice done as Penzance just shaded extra-time to scrape through to the second round.

Thanks to the referee and both sets of players

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